Welcome to our brand new WordPress site, and our first official blog post! We’re so excited to start reaching out to all of you with information directly from inside the lighting industry.

So what is Aetna Corp., or better yet, who are we? Browsing through our website will lead you to believe we’re just another lighting maintenance company. But that’s not exactly true. Do we provide lighting maintenance service for commercial, industrial, and retail clients? Yes, but we’re much more than that. We’re an energy solutions provider, a lighting educator, a team of professional electricians and technicians, and above all else, a trusted partner.

What can you expect from us in future posts? Innovative ideas, interesting articles, photos and videos, questions and polls. We created this site  so we can reach out to you. Please feel free to post questions, ideas, or even request information on the services we provide.

LEDs? Control Systems? Lighting Upgrades? We’ll cover it all.

Our job is providing you with the lighting solutions you need to keep your business shining bright. Subscribe today and stay enlightened!


Welcome to Aetna Corp.!

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Posted by: Jacy Everett
Director of Business Development
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