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The entire guest experience starts before they even drive to your restaurant. From providing EV charging stations to enhancing the ambiance with lighting, these features allow you to cater to the needs of the clientele from start to finish. Controls and dimming elements allows you to create an atmosphere that is unique to your restaurant.

With Internet of Things (IoT), you can impact your bottom line by quickly resolving operational problems that can now be tracked and monitored by sensors. IoT intelligently uses data gathered by sensors on a variety of assets in order to respond quickly and in real-time.

By integrating LED into existing structures, as well as using smart placement and optimized LED controls, your lighting can be adjusted to serve any purpose, creating the perfect ambience for lunch, dinner or drinks. With features like daylight sensors, dimming and level controls, event scheduling and occupancy/vacancy sensors, you can easily adjust the lighting for your guests.

Electricity is necessary for every aspect of your restaurant’s success. From keeping the ambiance enjoyable, the kitchen appliances functioning and offering electric vehicle charging stations, you’ll likely increase revenue and brand loyalty and tap into a new clientele—owners of electric cars.

For 90 years, we’ve been providing our customers with high-quality products, systems and services that unlock the extraordinary power of lighting. By partnering with Aetna Corp.’s team of technicians and licensed electricians, we’ll maximize the lifetime of your operational assets while maintaining an excellent level of service. With fully stocked vans, our technicians can resolve your electrical needs on the first visit.


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