Improve Tenant Retention with Advanced Technologies

As a property manager, keeping your grounds well-lit isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. We know your top priorities are tenant retention, occupant growth and increasing asset value. Our low-maintenance lighting packages are long-lasting, energy efficient and designed to provide the proper light output to create an inviting environment, which will allow you to focus on keeping your current tenants happy and attracting new ones.


When you partner with Aetna Corp., we’ll assess your existing lighting, evaluate your needs and recommend the right options for the best outcome for your property. Internet of Things (IoT) solutions can make your job as a property manager easier by helping you optimize revenue, improve operations and enhance the occupant experience by identifying potential problems before they occur. With our expert, licensed electricians and project managers, proactive maintenance program, and energy retrofitting services, we’ll take care of your lighting needs.


In addition to maintaining the lighting on your property, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations which are now more affordable than ever—can also boost your property value and attract tenants. With millions of electric cars on the road, you are much more likely to attract tenants who can also charge their car on your property.


Make the right impression, with a property that is well-lit and perfectly maintained with the right lighting. For 90 years, we’ve been providing our customers with high-quality products, systems and services that unlock the extraordinary power of lighting. We’ll help you pave the way for a top-notch tenant experience yielding a better outcome for your property.


We are equipped to help you retain current tenants and attract new ones.

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