Sharing our weekend stories, one of our employees’ told us how he’d done some furniture shopping on Saturday. He said the longer he was in the store the more he felt that something had changed. It wasn’t the furniture or the sales clerks, but something to him was definitely off. Then he looked up.

Worn out lamps had left the store with a ton of outages, uneven light levels, and a less than desirable store appearance. Enticing customers into your store is hard work, especially when you do it in the dark. As retailers, it’s crucial that your first impression be a shining one to transform those passerby’s into valued customers.

Now isn't that much better?

So how can you avoid the perils of dark department stores, outlet outages and burnt out boutiques? Just like your annual physical, your lamps need check-ups too. And just like you and me, you want that person to be a professional (and licensed!).  Lighting maintenance professionals like Aetna Corp. are trained to identify outages and replace lamps and ballasts. Why pay to stay in the dark?

No maintenance plan is complete without the right lamps. Stores looking to save money and cut their energy bills can look no further than reduced-wattage T8 systems. Think you’ve maximized savings because you have 32W T8’s? Kudos for being progressive, but even greater savings can be had with the reduced wattage systems (25W & 28W T8’s). Here’s an added bonus:  they can decrease long term maintenance costs. These lamps have lamp lives of 40,000 hours vs. 24,000 of many older T8 systems.

Before you purchase anything, you should always consult a lighting professional to ensure a seamless survey and install/relamp process. With Aetna Corp. by your side, you can step out of the prison of poor maintenance and into the right light. A preventative maintenance plan paired with energy efficient lighting: not just good ideas, but bright ones.

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Jacy Everett
Director of Business Development
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