With summer upon us, it’s a great time to take advantage of nature’s most important energy source—the sun. With the abundant sunshine making your environment brighter, hotter and generally happier, why don’t you…

  • Open the blinds. Sunlight is the cheapest way to light up a room.
  • Turn off the lights. Make sure to shut off the lights in any room that you’re not using; or install daylight sensors that can dim or turn them off for you.
  • Get out your paint brush. Light colored walls reflect light, making spaces appear larger and brighter. Bright colors also create a feeling of positivity in an office or store.
  • Have a company barbeque. Cut back on the energy and heat expended by the stove (and heighten morale) by grilling up burgers and hot dogs for lunch instead.
  • Install task lighting. In retail settings, casting light only on certain areas puts products in the spotlight while reducing the energy expended to brighten the entire room. In offices, directed fixtures make a space feel cozy and inviting while abating eye strain.
  • Hit the off switch. Shutting off office equipment and other electronics at night such as computers and printers dramatically cuts back on energy use.

Get outside! Natural light is a free mood booster.