The 2012 NALMCO  Annual Convention was held in the beautiful Rancho Mirage, CA. Although the surrounding mountainous terrain was pretty tempting, the lighting maintenance world at the convention was hard at work. Lighting professionals from all over the country gathered to learn and share ideas about practices; practices that would ultimately benefit the end user.

In addition to Lighting Maintenance Professionals, manufacturers, distributors and some end-users participated in the event. It is great to see the community coming together to share ideas on products and procedures that can continue to excel the industry.

Founded in 1953 NALMCO, which stands for the International Association of Lighting Management Companies, is the largest organization in the industry focused on lighting management. Nearly 150 companies currently hold memberships representing more than 1,800 individuals. To put it in their words, NALMCO’s continued success is due to:

The ability of its members to draw upon their collective knowledge. We provide a forum to facilitate the open and free exchange of ideas and knowledge and business opportunities among all our members. We fundamentally believe that a professional and well-educated competitor is the best competition.

Throughout the convention general sessions were held where industry specifics were discussed from new product integration to customer recognition to an Did You Know session on LED technology. True to NALMCO’s previous statement, opportunities to earn credits for continuing education were also available, reaffirming the fact that NALMCO will never miss an opportunity to enlighten their members.


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Jacy Everett
Director of Business Development

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