Normally we don’t focus on residential lighting; we are after all, in the business of lighting your business. But just because we’re focused on our business customers, doesn’t mean we don’t have a few tips for the residential community. No matter who you are, whether you run a business or own a home, every one of us should be working towards becoming energy savvy. By using less, we can actually gain more. More savings, more light, and more faith in our energy independent future.

Here are some lighting tips to try out at home this weekend:

  • Flip the switch on more energy efficient lamps (Halogen Incandescent, CFLs, LEDs)
  • Visit ENERGY STAR to find the right light for your fixtures
  • Look for recessed light fixtures (cans) which are rated for contact with insulation and are air tight (ICAT rated)
  • When replacing incandescents from recessed fixtures, make sure the energy efficient replacement bulb is rated for that purpose. Heat buildup can significantly shorten the life of CFLs.
  • Keep your curtains open to utilize the sun’s rays as cost effective daylighting system.
  • For outdoor lighting, CFLS and LEDs are available as flood lights. Tested in rain and snow, these lamps can be used in exposed fixtures.


For more information on residential lighting tips and energy efficient lighting choices, check out :

Buildings Energy Data Book


Jacy Everett
Director of Business Development
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