Creating Ambiance to Enhance the Guest Experience

Lighting is an essential part of our lives. It creates the ambiance you want your guests to experience—from lobbies to hallways, from entryways and ballrooms to suites and lounges. Creating a unique, inviting and memorable experience for every guest is key to ensuring customer loyalty.

We know hospitality. We know that lighting within the hospitality industry often demands longer usage and extended operating hours, which can lead to higher failure rates. Our large team of licensed electricians has the capacity and expertise to provide prompt electrical service.

When it comes to your property, exterior lighting is just as important as interior lighting. If lighting outages aren’t addressed in a timely manner, the look and feel of your establishment will be affected. With a wide service portfolio, from emergencies to preventative electrical maintenance to on-demand projects like installing generators, electrical panels and emergency lighting, we have the expertise to help you achieve your sustainability and operational goals.

At Aetna Corp., we offer cost-effective solutions to positively impact your bottom line. With our 90-year track record, we are leaders in identifying the latest and greatest technologies for your property. We specialize in upgrading or replacing lighting and reducing maintenance and energy costs while retaining the aesthetics of your property.



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