Lighting Solutions with Top Marks

Working with educational settings across the private sector—from elementary to high schools to colleges and universities—is where we shine. We know that the right lighting can boost learning and engagement.

From small classrooms to large auditoriums, to student dorms and staff offices, libraries and gymnasiums, parking garages and campus streets, we offer solutions for every area of your building or campus.

Energy can be a huge cost for schools, with lighting making up a major portion of that expense. While friendly signs and timers have a certain amount of effectiveness, the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought about a new way to control lights throughout an entire school—you don’t even need to install new light fixtures. With IoT LED light bulbs, automation and smart sensors, individual lights or certain areas of buildings can be controlled remotely and energy-savings can be maximized.

For close to a century, we’ve been providing complete commercial lighting solutions. We know that institutions are balancing tight budgets while maintaining safe and efficient environments for students. We’ll help you optimize your energy use by developing a customized energy-saving plan. Whether it’s for a single classroom, an entire district or a campus-wide retrofit, we’ll add value beyond illumination to provide an optimal learning environment.



We offer solutions for every corner of your campus.