Interior Lighting

Interior Lighting Upgrade Roll-Out, Massachusetts


A large New England grocery chain was seeking an energy-saving solution that would improve their customer experience and reduce energy consumption. Additionally, they span over several utilities and needed a repeatable solution that would qualify for a utility rebate in all markets.

Phase 1 Roll-Out

  • Total Project Cost: $1,125,000

  • Annual Energy Savings:$336,000

  • Utility Rebate: >45%

  • 5 Year Maintenance Savings:$225,000

  • Return on Investment1.9 Years


Following a successful pilot installation in Easton, MA, where we upgraded a number of different lighting to LED. Following the pilot, Aetna Corp. proceeded to install 4 projects in Phase 1 in Massachusetts which included locations in Fall River, Sharon, and two Boston locations.


The total LED roll-out was over $1,100,000 collectively and garnered a return on investment of less than 2 years. This was thanks to a collective utility rebate of over 45% and an annual energy savings of nearly $350,000. In addition, the quality and uniformity of light is significantly better which ultimately improves their customer’s experience.

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