Aetna’s Energy Efficient Intelligent Lighting System

Aetna Corp. now offers its warehouse and industrial customers the LED-based Intelligent System from Digital Lumens. Specifically optimized for highbay aisle applications in both cold and dry facilities, the system integrates high-performance LEDs (light-emitting diodes), networking, and software to reduce customers’ energy usage by up to 90%. The Intelligent Lighting System is designed for retrofits and new construction, and replaces HID and fluorescent fixtures previously used in warehousing and cold storage industries. Unlike the traditional 465-Watt HID fixtures, the system operates at 166 Watts when on at full brightness, and improves light levels over the old systems.

The wireless communication capability of the new Intelligent Lighting System is both a key differentiator in industrial lighting and a major contributing factor to increased energy efficiency. With wireless communication, Aetna’s customers can control light levels in warehouses remotely, dimming or shutting off lights within seconds of an aisle being vacated, and/or monitoring overall lighting usage from any computer.

Large Facilities in Prime Position to Benefit from New Energy-Efficient LED Lighting Solutions

Energy-efficient LED-based lighting solutions, are fast becoming the industry standard, thanks to new technology and the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT). Large facilities such as warehouses and cold storage units are in a position to benefit most because of their size and simple design. According to Charles Goulding, president of Energy Tax Savers, Inc., , “warehouses are becoming the breakout category for tax-enhanced energy-efficient design. Warehouses are taking the lead in energy-efficient design because they are large, simple spaces where significant energy and tax savings are easily achievable by installing current generation lighting, heating and other energy-efficient building measures.” (


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